I am a biomedical illustrator, animator, and interactive developer whose work combines a traditional Fine Arts background with scientific and medical topics. Maintaining accuracy, providing effective visual communication, and creating attractive images drives my work ethic. With each project I work to provide audiences with new ways to experience information.
     My work is very versatile; as a freelance medical illustrator I am able to create a wide range of deliverables to provide clients with images that match their specific needs and convey their message clearly. Clients have included research laboratories, medical companies, magazines, university health systems, national museums, and scientific journals. I work with clients to gain an understanding of their specific needs, whether it is instructional illustrations, editorial images for publication, figures to accompany research, instructional animations or interactive applications. 
     I have an in-depth knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign for 2D images. My 3D skills cover all aspects of animation and interactive development including storyboarding, animatics, animating, programming, rendering, final compositing and building.